Peng Cao

Pianist Peng Cao is a rising star in Chinese piano region. His performance is full of passion and romantic sense. "His playing is endowed with magic!" said by famous conductor and pianist Eschenbach after listening to Peng Cao’s performance.

Peng Cao has held recitals, concertos and chamber music concerts in Europe and a number of cities in China. As a soloist, Peng Cao has successfully cooperated with Moscow Symphony Orchestra, Armenian National Youth Symphony Orchestra, Hangzhou Philharmonic Orchestra, Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra, Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra, Guiyang Symphony Orchestra, Xi’an Symphony Orchestra, Hubei Symphony Orchestra, Shenyang Symphony Orchestra, etc. Cao Peng also played on the same stage with famous conductors including Zhang Guoyong, Hu Yongyan, Yang Yang, Eduard Topchjan, Sergey Tararin, Hodge Kawamoto, Dane Lam, as well as the violinist Lu Wei and the cellist Qin Liwei.

Peng Cao had won numerous awards and prizes, such as the top prize of the 7th Khachaturian International Piano Competition, the Gold Award in the "Pearl River· Kayserburg" National Piano Competition, the Gold Award of the “Yangtze River Piano " National Piano Competition, the Bronze Award of the 7th Piano Performing Competition of "the Chinese Golden Bell Award for Music” , Tan Xiaowei Scholarship of Central Conservatory of Music,and Yamaha scholarship of China Conservatory of Music. In addition, Cao Peng was successively sponsored by the Edifier Musician Fund during 2011-2014.

Peng Cao began to study piano performing at the age of 8 and was tutored by Professor Liu Xi, Guo Lina and Jin Aiping. Then he studied at the Middile School Attached to China Conservatory of Music and China Conservatory of Music, under the instruction of pianist Zhang Xiaofeng, Wang Qiu and Dr. Zhu Di. Peng Cao attended the Central Conservatory of Music to pursue a master's degree, under the supervision of Professor Sheng Yuan. During this period, Peng Cao was tutored and guided by professor Yang Jun and Pan Chun from the Central Conservatory of Music. Since 2013 , Peng Cao has holding a posirion on the Piano Department of Xi’an Conservatory of Music.