♠ Travel Tips:

1. Students are responsible for making their own individual travel arrangements to/from the Festival.
2. Airline reservations should be made for the Seoul, South Korea airport destination.
3. As you exit the baggage claim in Seoul, look for the East/West representative, who will be holding a designated sign.
The representative will take you to the shuttle bus.
4. The airport shuttle bus will transport the participants from the Seoul Incheon Airport to the Myongji University upon arrival on July 29th. The participants will also take the shuttle back to the Seoul Incheon Airport on the morning of August 10th. Participants should NOT book departing flights prior to 10 A.M. departures on August 10th.
5. All participants should arrange to exchange at least $100 in equivalent U.S. currency into Korean won ₩ either prior to arrival or at the airport. It will be necessary to have Korean won to pay for the airport shuttle.

♠ Passport:

A U.S. passport is required for travel to South Korea. A visa is not required, but can expedite the entry process. Participants from other countries must check for all necessary visas that may be required to enter South Korea.